Lot of 92 Quebec tokens.

Currency:CAD Category:Coins & Paper Money Start Price:90.00 CAD Estimated At:180.00 - 220.00 CAD
Lot of 92 Quebec tokens.
300.00CAD+ (60.00) buyer's premium + applicable fees & taxes.
This item SOLD at 2017 Sep 28 @ 18:23UTC-4 : AST/EDT

Buyer’s Premiums will be added on all items as per the Terms & Conditions of the sale. Invoices will be emailed out after The Toronto Coin Expo.
Buckingham, J.A. Bernardin, $1. B. 1280a (2); Buckingham, J.A. Bernardin, 50¢. B. 1280b; Buckingham, J.A. Bernardin, 25¢. B. 1280c; Buckingham, J.A. Bernardin, 10¢. B. 1280d; Buckingham, J.A. Bernardin, 1¢. B. 1280g; Chambly, Chambly Manufacturers Ltd, 1915, B. 1360a (3); Chicoutimi, Hotel Champlain, 1 meal. BB. 1436a; (Chicoutimi), Price Brothers & Co. Ltd., 1 repas de cheval. B. 1425a; Clarke City, Gulf Pulp & Paper Co., 50¢. B. 1482a (3); Clarke City, Gulf Pulp & Paper Co., 10¢., unlisted; Clarke City, Gulf Pulp & Paper Co., 5¢. B. 1483a;Dorchester, Dorchester Lumber Co., 5¢. B. 1540e; Dorchester, Dorchester Lumber Co., 1¢. B. 1540f; Godbout, St. Regis Paper Co., 1 meal. BB. 1725a; Gracefield, Geo. B. Reid, 10¢. B. 1730d; Granby, 1959 Centennial, B. 1756a; Granby, Ronald Gervais, $1.00, 1757a (2); Granby, Masonic ID, B. 1761a; Hull, SP Ltd, B. 1894b; Hull, SP Ltd, 1895a; Hull, A. Labelle, 50¢. B. 1899b; Hull, A. Labelle, 10¢, B. 1899d (2); Hull, A. Labelle, 5¢. B. 1899e; Hull, A. Labelle, 10. B. 1900d (2); Lumsden Mills, John Lumsden, 5¢, B. 2320e; Lumsden Mills, John Lumsden, 10¢; B. 2320d; Lumsden Mills, John Lumsden, 25; B. 2320c (2); North Hatley, uniface “NHRS”, B. 3660c, another in brass (?) and unlisted in that metal; Quebec, Commercial Academy, 5 cents, 3846e (2), Quebec, Commercial Class, 5 cents, 3847e; H.O. Martineau, 3 cents, 3950g (3); Quebec, Atelier Hygiénique, Lacroix & Frère, 25¢. BB 3970c (3); Quebec, Louis L’Heureux, Bon Pout Un Verre D’eau St. Leon, 4041a; Quebec, Miller & Lockwell, compliments - smoke Dixie Cigar. B. 4050a; Richmond, LMD monogram (for L.M. Dohlan). B. 4100a; Richmond, LMD monogram (for L.M. Dohlan). 25. B. 4101c; Richmond, LMD monogram (for L.M. Dohlan). 10. B. 4101d; Robertson Station, Talbot & Co., 5¢; B. 4160e; Rock Island, 1962 Exhibition souvenir, B. 4180a; Sayabec & Amqui, John Fenderson & Co., 50¢. B.4240b; Sherbrooke, Sylvio Du Tremble, $3, Al. 4339a (5), Bz 4339b (3) (Sherbrooke), Chateau Frontenac Amusements, 4342e; Sherbrooke, Michaud & Fils, $1, Al., 4354a (2), Cu., 4354b (2), Al. rev. address 4354c; Sherbrooke, La Cantine Albert / Fred Burger, 1973, 4360 (4); Sorel, Club Nautique, 50¢. B. 4391b; Sorel, W. Cournoyer, 5¢. B. 4392a; St. Anne De Beaupre, Cyclorama, Enfant, 4470a; As previous, but “Adulte”, 4471a; Saint Gerard, Magasin de Saint Gerard, 5 sous, 4660e (2); St. Hyacinthe, 4681a (2); St. Jean, ASI, 5 cents, 4770e (2); St. Pastal, Theatre Duchess, 1949-1959, 4801a; Trois Rivieres, M. Lafontaine, ½¢. B. 5019a; Wotton, J.S. Despres, 5 cents, 5220a; Rgrd 13 janvier 1913, 20 (lg), 5428c; Rgrd 13 janvier 1913, 20 (sm), 5428d; Rgrd 13 janvier 1913, 10, 5428e; Guigues, N.D. Guidice, Good for 5c in trade, Brass, 21mm with 8mm centre hole, apparently unlisted. 92 Pcs.

This is a part of the Richard Cooper Collection.